About Us

Pattacakes Bakery Dunnington York UKPattacakes Bakery is a small artisan bakery situated in the middle of the very pretty village of Dunnington, just a few miles outside York.

We are all extremely proud of what we put onto the counter every day. Our breads and cakes are all made by us in the bakery, in fact most of the day you can watch us making everything while you wait for your lunch being prepared.

We always use only the very best ingredients and wherever possible we like it to be from Yorkshire. Our delicious ham and beef is roasted for us by a local butcher, our pastries and cakes are made using Yorkshire butter, proper free range local eggs, sadly our chocolate and sugar come from a far flung corner of the world with a name we are unable to pronounce!

Our delicious sausage rolls, pasties and quiches are made for us by Julyan the Baker who are from Norton, Near Malton. ( we cannot make everything!)

We can cater for your business meetings with a selection of nice sandwiches and cakes, we can cater for your parties with puddings or main courses, you can bring us your dish and we can fill it with your favourite food so you can take it home and pretend you made it! We won’t say a word!


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